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Jobs and Careers at B-Lands Consulting France

B-Lands Consulting provides extensive regulatory support for business across the world.

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Jobs and Careers at B-Lands
Careers at B-Lands
Exciting opportunities in the regulatory service

A career with B-Lands Consulting offers rewarding opportunities to help companies around the world lower trade barriers and meet regulatory requirements on products used safely by millions of people every day.

We encourage employees to grow their skills through structured career development and training so that they can enhance their personal and professional growth and development.

We offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, vacation plans and other great benefits packages.

When time is of the essence...
Within the shortest possible delays
With more than 10 years of experience in the régulatory industry, our services are provided speedy and effectively in accordance with the target legislations and rules of procédures; as well as the rules within that govern the handling of business confidential informations.
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